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Is Your Business Prepared for the Future

星期一, 九月 1, 2014

When the two AMETEK companies Lloyd Instruments and ATLAS Materials Testing Technology join forces and enter the Interplas 2014 exhibition, they bring a strong portfolio of materials testing machines and more than a century of experience in working with professional materials testing solutions.

Throughout all years the two companies have been dedicated in helping customers develop unique and innovative products. Many of these products have been first movers on the market, have been changing the markets way of thinking or acting and some of them have even won awards for their unique or innovative designs.

“Today, being an innovative thinker is especially important within the plastics industry as this is one of the industries that are really changing the future. Just a few decades ago we listened to music on the radio and we communicated with the world through the wired telephone. We wrote everything down on paper, we drank water from the tap, our shoes were primarily made from leather and our furniture was mainly made from wood, steel and fabric. Today we communicate through mobile phones, laptops and iPads that are all made from plastics. And plastic bottles, plastic shoes and plastic furniture are all part of our everyday life”, says Toby Rogers, Sales Director at Lloyd Instruments.

Similarly over the past 20 years the use of plastics within the car industry has increased with more than 114 %. Using plastics has on average reduced the weight of a car by 200 kilo and reduced the fuel consumption by more than 750 liters over its lifespan.

Innovation has been a key factor to this development, with new companies entering the market and loss of market share for the companies that did not adapt.

“If your business fails to innovate they run the risk of losing ground to competitors. Innovation can be a key differentiator between market leaders and their competitors” Toby Rogers says.

But what does materials’ testing have to do with innovation? “Everything”, Toby replies. “If you do not test to verify the functionality, endurance and longevity of your products, components and raw materials, you might face disaster long term”.

At the Interplas 2014 exhibition the two companies invite you to booth H14 for a talk about innovation within your product development. You can also get a hands-on experience with materials testing to see for yourself how easy it is to obtain high precision test results that can help you in the development of your next innovative product.