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星期一, 一月 19, 2015

Any company wanting to test the strength properties of wood and timber used in manufacturing need look no further than Lloyd Instruments for a wide range of universal testing machines and control software. Along with its own vast range of grips and fixtures, Lloyd Instruments has worked  with German engineers  to produce special sample grips for wood testing.

Whether constructing roofing timbers, furniture, windows or door frames, it is important to check whether final designs are capable of taking the stresses and strains of routine use. Testing at various stages of manufacture not only safeguards product safety, but reassures customers regarding quality assurance issues and compliance with internationally agreed standards.

Lloyd Instruments systems range from the 1 kN LS1 modular single-column test machine up to the 100 kN LS100KPlus twin-column test machine. The NEXYGENPlus materials testing software offers a vast library for extended machine control, full data audit trails, flexible SPC analysis and report configuration.

The wood industry uses Lloyd Instruments’ test machines to test the tensile and flexural strengths of timber specimens, bond strength of adhesives in plywood and composites, three-point flexure (bend) strength of joints, and the shear strength of laminates. Such tests are designed to comply with European Standards such as EN10, EN11, EN19, and EN9240.

Simply changing over the sample grip allows the same machine to test other materials such as upholstery fabrics, binding tape, webbing materials, cushion springs, foams, panel pins and tacks. This builds cost-efficiency into any production line, quality control, research or training program.