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查狄伦 Century 系列荣获“Best Retail Scales 2015” 称号

星期二, 三月 24, 2015

Chatillon is known world-wide for their user-friendly and high precision weighing scales providing the retail and food industry with accurate and reliable weighing.

Now the Century Series from Chatillon have been awarded “Best Retail Scales 2015” in the Reader’s Choice competition held by

With the classic, elegant design of the Century Series mechanical hanging scales retailers add a touch of modern simplicity and nostalgic charm to their store without compromising on quality.

Like the rest of the Chatillon scales, the Century Series are praised by its users for its accuracy and reliability. And the rugged design makes these classic scales last for at least a “Century”.

The Century Series feature a glass covered 7-inch dial with large numbers that are easy to see and simple to read. The Century scale also has an optional rear dial face that allows both customer and merchant to see the weight at the same time of the item being weighed.  

These scales feature springs that are made of elastomeric steel (temperature compensated) to qualify as “Legal for Trade” in the US and conforms to NIST handbook H44Class III.

The scales feature a corrosion-resistant red band with a bezel housing and rugged, steel inner frame. Full Scale capacities 20 and 40 lbs. are reached in two pointer revolutions.

The Century Series can be supplied with a CG (Galvanized) scoop for easy pouring of grains, beans, fasteners or other small dry items into a bag or container. The popular CAS (Stainless Steel Sieve) circular pan with drain holes are used for wet items such as seafood, pickled / marinated foods etc.

By design, the Century Series hanging scales blend well into every shop environment regardless of the its size. The scales can be placed wherever you see fit as they do not require a table to stand on nor electrical power.

As an added benefit, the Century Series are low cost compared to the digital retail scales and are able to operate inside and outside in both dry and humid conditions.

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